Zero 08-23-2005 09:47

For Chinese people, "zero" often symbolizes fundamental change. And so does China's number one pop band "Zero". In tune with their name, the band's unique style has brought great change to the mainland's music world.

Four of the members are from Inner Mongolia and the lead vocal comes from Beijing. And these five cool men comprise a band that has churned out hit after hit on China's music charts.

Lead Vocals Zhou Xiao鈥檕u said, "It's really not easy to keep five members as one group. It's easy to get five people together, but difficult to make a sensation. But we five are doing well. I think it's an arrangement by god. "

Bass Wang Xiaodong said, "We have greatly enjoyed our times since we got together in 1989. This includes producing the albums and all the other experiences. "

As well as playing for themselves and their fans, they've also recorded songs to help bring some good fortune to poor farmers. As China's oldest band, "Zero" has continually made an effort to constantly renew itself.

Lead Vocals Zhou Xiao鈥檕u said, "I think it's the same as entrepreneurs. They're always trying something new. They're never satisfied with what they have now. All they've done is in the past."

The band has released its 8th album this year. This, after writing and performing seven albums by themselves already. They've recreated classic Chinese folk songs, as well as pop -- and have even challenged the country's elite musical genre -- creating a pop version of Peking opera.

Bass Wang Xiaodong said, "Now, we are not young. We have experienced a lot. So we don't care so much about each other's shortcomings. And we are tolerant of each other. We've been together for such a long a time that we know each other very well. "

Drums Er Mao said, "If you watch the five of us, you'll find our expressions and manners are increasingly similar. Someone even said we are beginning to look more and more alike."

Their most unforgetable memory -- a concert in 2003. Zero was the ONLY mainland group performing at capital's Worker's Stadium during the golden concert season, among famous groups and stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Guitar Da Mao said, "The most important thing is we are together. We make music people love. And the listeners can enjoy our songs. "

Drums Er Mao said, "No matter we are middle age or older, as long as we have passion and love for music, we will play on -- even when we are eighty-years old."

The band's name implies starting from nothing. So everyone hopes that, from here on in, it'll be Zero -- up and up, and on and on.


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