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NPC Standing Committee takes stock of the hard work done in 2001      
   SAT, MAR 09, 2002    

The nation's highest law-making body has passed many new laws over the past year aimed at improving the country's legal system, but there's still a lot to do, according to top Chinese legislator Li Peng. Chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee Li Peng was speaking about the work report prepared for the annual meeting.

“2001 has been a hectic year for China. Topping the list of events was the country's accession to the World Trade Organization. What's urgently needed now is a sound legal framework for the country to get ready for the complexity of WTO rules”. In his report to the top legislature, chairman of its Standing Committee Li Peng said the Committee had done a good job in that respect.

Li Peng, Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee said, "To regulate the market economic system, rectify the market order and particularly to satisfy the requirements of joining the WTO, the NPC Standing Committee passed the Trust Law, amended the Trademark Law and the Copyright Law."

The Chairman said the Committee had also made a family planning law to control population growth. The amended Trade Union Law, he added, was also an important code to protect the rights and interests of workers. But at the same time, Li Peng said much remains to be done.

Li Peng, Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee said, "NPC deputies are not satisfied with the supervision process in enforcing the new laws."

As part of this year's effort, Li Peng vowed that the NPC Standing Committee will reinforce the supervision process to make sure the new laws are strictly carried out.

The Committee will also speed up the legislation process to improve the country's democracy and market order in the first year of its WTO membership.

Wang Xin, CCTV

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