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Chinese FM addresses world press      
   THU, MAR 07, 2002    

Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said at a press conference that peace and development remain the world's major issues. Tang said China will continue to play the role of a peaceful and responsible country and make positive contributions to world peace.

Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States have not changed the basic pattern and development trends of the world.

Tang Jiaxuan, Chinese Foreign Minister said, " At present and in the next few years, the general world situation will be peaceful but with local wars and conflicts. It will be characterized by global relaxation with local tensions, and stability with regional disturbances."

On the situation in South Asia, the Foreign Minister said China and India share more common ground than differences. On Kashmir, he said China hopes India and Pakistan solve the issue through dialogue. He also confirmed that Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh is going to visit China at the end of this month.

Speaking about Sino-US relations, the Chinese Foreign Minister urged the United States to respect its commitment to China on the Taiwan issue.

Tang Jiaxuan also said, " The Taiwan issue has always remained the most important and sensitive core issue in Sino-US relations. During his recent visit to China, US president George W. Bush reiterated that the US will stick to the " One China" principle and remain committed to the three Sino-US joint communiqués on bilateral relations."

On the subject of anti-terrorism, Tang said the Shanghai Cooperation Organization composed of China, Russia and four central Asian countries, is conducive to regional peace. He said Chinese President Jiang Zemin will attend the second summit of the Organization in Russia in June this year.

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