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Entry into the WTO becomes top issue among CPPCC members      
   WED, MAR 06, 2002    

The challenges and opportunities of China's WTO membership are also a major topic of discussions for China's top advisory body. CCTV reporter Han Bin looks at what key issues are facing CPPCC members.

Among the number of issues, China's WTO entry was highlighted in Monday's meeting. Discussions were touched on state firms reform, agricultural policy adjustment and cultivation of human resource.

Economist Xiao Zhuoji warns that China should take positive measures to face the challenges.

XIAO ZHUOJI: " In the short term, WTO membership would affect China's economy. Some of the poorly managed enterprises could go bankrupt, more workers would laid off, and the gap between the rich and poor could go even larger."

Xiao Zhuoji suggests that the government should improve the social welfare system, and encourage the development of the private enterprise.

Lai Huiwu, a private entrepreneur called for building more trust in today's society. He said legislation should be passed to punish those who don't have credibility. This will also help the country participate in the world's economic activities.

Most members believe that accession will present both opportunities and challenges, with the opportunities over-weighing the challenges. China's membership in the WTO makes the future potential even more attractive and provides additional confidence in China's prospects to become on the world's leading economies. (Han Bin, CCTV )

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