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Key points of Premier Zhu Rongji’s report      
   WED, MAR 06, 2002    

Premier Zhu Rongji's work report also reviewed the country's achievements last year, and outlined tasks for the year ahead. Pei Jian reviews the report's main points.

Premier Zhu Rongji listed some of the main events in 2001: celebrating the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China; winning the bid for hosting the 2008 Olympics; last year's successful APEC meeting, and joining the WTO.

Zhu Rongji outlined eight tasks for this year:

Top the list is to continue expanding domestic demand. Citizens need higher incomes, and investment from treasury bonds should be maintained. Taxation should be revamped and the current pro-active prudent monetary policy maintained.

The second is to develop agriculture. Rural taxes, administration and distribution systems should be reformed.

Third is to re-structure the economy by upgrading industry, developing the western region and other areas. State-owned enterprises need to be reformed.

The fourth task is to adapt to changes brought about by China's entry into the WTO and opening up by co-operating in the international economy and competing on a broader scale. Laws must be compatible with those of the WTO.

Fifth, the market economy should be regulated to crack down on illegal activities such as producing and selling fake goods and evading taxes. Local protectionism must be eliminated along with the monopolies of some industries.

The sixth task is to improve science and education to help make development sustainable, and to improve people's moral and ethical standards.

Seventh, government functions should be transformed to concentrate on economic regulation, market supervision, social management and public services. Corruption must be eliminated.

And finally, Zhu said, China would continue to pursue a independent foreign policy of peace and play an active part in international affairs.

Zhu Rongji told NPC deputies that the fundamental interests of people lay in unity and ensuring the reunification of the country. He said the government would stick to the principles of peaceful reunification and the One Country, Two Systems principle along with President Jiang Zemin's Eight-Point Proposal to solve the Taiwan issue. He finally called on the Chinese people to rally closely around the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee with Jiang Zemin at the core.

1. Expanding domestic demand to ensure economic growth.

2. Developing agriculture and the rural economy and increasing farmers' incomes.

3. Carrying forward readjustment of the economic structure.

4. Adapting to the new situation following China's entry to the WTO, and opening up wider to the outside world.

5. Thoroughly rectifying and regulating the market economy.

6. Developing science and education to help sustain development and improve people's moral standards.

7. Further transforming government functions and improving the style of work.

8. Continuing to pursue an independent foreign policy of peace.

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