CPPCC Session 2002   

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CPPCC members begin panel discussions     
   TUE, MAR 05, 2002    

Today is the second day of the fifth and final annual session of the CPPCC, the country's top advisory body.

More than 2,000 members from throughout the country have begun to discuss the work report delivered Sunday by Vice Chairman Ye Xuanping and the report on the handling of proposals given by Vice chairman Luo Haocai. The CPPCC members all agreed that during the past year, the advisory body had played an even greater role in offering suggestions for the implementation of the 10th Five-Year Plan and participating in democratic supervision. The members have submitted many proposals touching on every aspect of the nation's political, economic and social life. CPPCC members will examine proposals before forwarding them on to corresponding government departments for closer assessment.

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