CPPCC Session 2002   

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CPPCC Proposals Benefit National Economic and Social Development     
   SUN, MAR 03, 2002    

Proposals offered by CPPCC members over the past year have played a positive role in the economic and social life and some have become the basis for major policy decision making, said CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Luo Haocai.

He told the opening of the Fifth Session of the Ninth CPPCC National Committee here Sunday afternoon that CPPCC members have offered 3,737 proposals since the last session and 3,566 have been accepted. Replies have been given to 3,527 by the end of February 20, 2002, accounting for 98.9 percent. There were 3174 proposals that have been accepted and the problems raised by them have been solved or have been listed into plans for solution.

Among the proposals, 1,685 concerned economic affairs; 970 concerned science, education, health, culture and sports; and 911 were related to laws and regulations and social security, the vice-chairman said.

Luo listed several major proposals that had been adopted by the government, including recommendations on how to cope with problems arising from WTO entry, on the return of farm lands reclaimed from forests, the utilization of biological resources, and the economic and social development in areas inhabited by minorities.

Luo Haocai encouraged CPPCC members to put forward more and better proposals in the new year.

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