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Beijing is no longer the subject of a WHO travel advisory.
A kind of new anti-SARS Chinese medicine protective masks has been manufactured and will be made available first in the Hong Kong market in about 10 days.
Students are preparing for the exams which will start on June 7.
Analysts from the Ministry of Health predict that in June, the number of daily confirmed SARS cases in Beijing will not exceed 10.
A foreigner flies a kite, which reads, "We shall overcome SARS,"at the outskirts of Beijing May 24.
Beijing residents fight SARS with exercise
Chinese scientists track SARS virus back to wild animals
State Post Bureau of China issues a special stamp on anti-SARS in Beijing May 19.
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Patient discharged from hospital
Residents enjoy sunshine
Patient discharged from hospital
Gift for dotors
Foreigners in Guangzhou
Premier with students
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Updated News
China permits human trials of SARS vaccine

China is set to become the first country in the world to carry out human tests of an experimental vaccine for severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS).

Two more confirmed SARS cases in Guangdong  

Investigators still on hunt for SARS source 

Investigation of SARS source continues 

2 Chinese flight attendants not infected with SARS 

Two suspected SARS cases tested  

No SARS case in Shenzhen 

Third suspected SARS case confirmed in Guangdong 

WHO team searches for SARS sources 

Recovered SARS patient fears reporters 

South China reports another suspected SARS case  

SARS patient leaves hospital 

South China reports another suspected SARS case  

SARS case in Guangdong confirmed  

SARS coronavirus may originate from masked civet  

Suspected SARS case still not confirmed  

WHO looking into suspected SARS case  

Suspected SARS case reported on Chinese mainland  

Southern China´s Guangdong confirms a SARS case  

Taiwan SARS patient said to be recovering  

Taiwan´s SARS patient on the mend  
Government's Operation
China's vice minister of Health Gao Qiang is urging national and local health authorities to take all effective measures to prevent the spread of SARS, warning that the single isolated SARS case in Guangdong shows that the disease has not disappeared, and may return in certain areas.

China permits human trials of SARS vaccine 

China tourism registers negative growth due to SARS 

Wild animal workers targeted in SARS prevention 

Beijing guards against SARS during holiday travel peak 

China´s Foreign Ministry: China is safe  

Hong Kong steps up SARS prevention measures  

Chinese Ministry of Health announces new regulation 

China strengthens alert against SARS  

China to establish epidemic reporting system 

China speeds up SARS vaccine approval  

Vice Premier says vigilance must continue  

Beijing to upgrade emergency response system 
Experts' Opinion
Daily mineral & vitamin requirements for SARS patients in recovery

WHO says recent SARS virus less contagious 

WHO investigates SARS in south China 

WHO expert: SARS outbreak in Guangzhou is unlikely  

WHO approves China´s cooperation  

WHO confident of China´s SARS prevention efforts  

WHO: Boost needed in basic health care  

WHO: SARS contained worldwide 

WHO director-general briefed on HK´s fight against SARS 

WHO official urges continued SARS surveillance 

WHO lifts travel advisory on China's Taiwan island 

WHO upbeat about SARS campaign  

WHO official: China's SARS prevention work "excellent"  
Global Situation
Philippines reports two possible SARS cases

The Philippines has reported two new suspected SARS cases in its northern province of Laguna.

Former SARS suspect dies in Phillipines 

Philippines reports two possible SARS cases  

Canada's Ontario rejects federal SARS relief offer 

Canadian nurses association issues SARS warning 

WHO keeps Toronto off travel advisory list 

SARS toll increases to 32 in Canada 

Singapore removed from WHO's SARS-affected list  

Two more die of SARS in Canada 

Two new suspected SARS cases found in Philippines 

Canada reacts to SARS outbreak 

Toronto may face new SARS outbreak 

SARS reappears in Toronto 
SARS Front Line

Chinese SARS nurses win Nightingale Medal 

Four Xinhua News Agency journalists stationed at SARS hospital 

Chronology of China's fight against SARS since April 20 (1) 

Chronology of China's fight against SARS since April 20 (2) 

Chronology of China's fight against SARS since April 20 (3) 

Poster of prevention of SARS

What are the Symptoms?

WHO says the main symptoms of SARS are high fever, dry cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties...
How Fast Does it Spread?

WHO says SARS appears to be less infectious than influenza, and is not highly contagious when protective measures are used.
How Dangerous is SARS?

The mortality rate appears to be between 3 to 5 percent.
How are Patients Treated?

There is currently no specific cure for the disease. But doctors worldwide have been treating it with ribavirin, an anti-viral drug, and steroids.
Who is Likely to be Infected?

Hong Kong experts say the virus is highly concentrated in discharges such such as mucous or phlegm when the victim is very sick and needing hospitalisation.
How Does the Virus Travel Globally?

When an infected person travels, they can spread the virus to other passengers on their flight and also to people at their destination.
How Should Infected Patients be Managed?

WHO says patients should be placed in an isolation unit.

Philippine(updated May 28)


Canada 32(updated June 2)




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