Magicians show best tricks at World Championship

2009-07-31 19:00 BJT

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People in Beijing are fascinated by the mesmerizing illusions performed at the World Championship of Magic.

People in Beijing are fascinated by the mesmerizing illusions performed at the World Championship of Magic.
People in Beijing are fascinated by the mesmerizing illusions performed
at the World Championship of Magic.

Since the event got underway on Sunday, magicians from home and abroad are showing off their best tricks to appreciative audiences.

Thursday night saw another feast for the eyes and test of human imagination.

This is a human suspension trick performed by Victor Walter from Ukraine. To dispel the audience's suspicion about possible use of ropes and racks, the magician went out of his way to demonstrate they weren't.

He also performed with a traditional Chinese toy, seemingly conjured up from nowhere that appeared to float in midair for minutes.

Mr. York from Spain used an iron to flatten a person. As the huge iron moves across, the person becomes a two dimensional photograph.