Senior Muslim leader condemns violence in Xinjiang

2009-07-07 18:52 BJT

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A senior Islamic leader has condemned the violence in Xinjiang. Imam Chen Guangyuan, head of China Islamic Association, said rioters who took part in the violence in Urumqi do not represent the spirit of Islam and their criminal behavior is not what Muslims should do. Imam Chen called on China's Muslims to unite and firmly against the violence, maintain social stability and the country's territorial integrity.

Imam Chen called on China's Muslims to unite and firmly against the violence, maintain social stability and the country's territorial integrity.
Imam Chen called on China's Muslims to unite and firmly against the
violence, maintain social stability and the country's territorial integrity.

China's Muslim society condemns the violence in Xinjiang.

Imam Chen Guangyuan says Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims pursue harmony and unity. The rioters' activities are only concerned with separating China and hampering its development.

"After the incident on July 5, we have received many calls from Muslims around China, strongly condemning the violence and firmly opposing separation activities. They also sent their condolences to the victims of the violence," said Imam Chen Guangyuan.

Imam Chen said their behavior cannot be tolerated in a harmonious society. He called on the country's Muslims not to believe in rumors and stay away from illegal activities.

"I hope Muslims uphold the tradition of Islam and maintain China's territorial integrity and economic development. We must unite to condemn and stop violence. We completely agree with law enforcement's strong and swift actions to curb crimes," said Imam Chen Guangyuan.

So far, the violence in Xinjiang has caused over 150 people dead and more than 1,000 injured.

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