Venezuela commemorates key battle for independence

2009-06-25 10:43 BJT


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and other Latin American leaders have attended a military parade commemorating a battle that paved the way for Venezuela's independence.

Boliva's President Evo Morales (L), Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez (C) and Ecuador's President Rafael Correa attend a military parade to celebrate the 188th anniversary of the battle of Carabobo in Valencia, some 180 km (112 miles) west from Caracas June 24, 2009.REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins
Boliva's President Evo Morales (L), Venezuela's President Hugo
Chavez (C) and Ecuador's President Rafael Correa attend a military
parade to celebrate the 188th anniversary of the battle of Carabobo
in Valencia, some 180 km (112 miles) west from Caracas June 24, 2009.
REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

The celebrations took place in the central state of Carabobo, around 120 kilometers from Caracas.

Military units from Cuba and Bolivia joined Venezuelan forces in the parade which included flyovers by the national air force.

The celebrations mark the 188th anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo -- led by Venezuelan independence hero, Simon Bolivar.