China reacts to missing France plane

2009-06-03 09:11 BJT


Special Report: Air France jet vanishes |

Nine Chinese nationals were confirmed to be aboard the Air France jetliner that disappeared on Sunday over the Atlantic Ocean. China has offered its full support to the families of all passengers on that plane. Meanwhile, the French Embassy has promised to help the relatives of the Chinese passengers.

Although search and rescue efforts are still underway in the Atlantic Ocean, the chances of finding survivors are slim. Among the 228 passengers feared dead, nine are Chinese nationals.

Qin Gang, Spokesman of China Foreign Ministry, said, "This is bad news. Although it still needs to be confirmed, our hearts are together with the family of those Chinese nationals onboard, as well as the family of all passengers."

The Foreign Ministry launched an emergency response immediately after the plane went missing. It ordered Chinese Embassies in France and Brazil, and the Chinese consulate in Rio de Janeiro, to quickly confirm the situation with relevant departments and the names of the passengers.

Qin Gang said, "Initial confirmation shows nine Chinese nationals were aboard the plane. The Chinese Foreign Ministry, as well as its embassies and consulates, will continue to keep in contact with relevant parties and closely monitor the search and rescue progress. We will also make arrangements to deal with the aftermath."

France is also making arrangements.

Francois League, Counsellor of French Embassy in China, said, "I understand that France is in touch with the families of the victims. And in this regard, the French embassy will naturally do its best to help the families if they need to go to France. Before all, I would very much like to express my sincere condolences to the families of the victims and the relatives of the victims, and my sympathy for this terrible event."

The Foreign Ministry has set up an emergency hotline in Beijing for information for relatives and friends.

While many hope ongoing search and rescue efforts will eventually give some clue about the plane's sudden disappearance, the missing passengers from 32 countries remain to be the focus. But before situation becomes clear, the only way is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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