Source: Vision Beijing

04-02-2008 17:47

The second international film director – Majid Majidi from Iran – has come to join the VISION BEIJING project. In the opening ceremony on November 5, he said he was moved by the passion of Beijing citizens, and would use a child's point of view to promote the city for Olympic Games. Majidi follows in the footsteps of Giuseppe Tornatore, director of The Legend of 1900.

Majid Majidi is widely known for Children of Heaven, which was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Foreign Languages Film. His films always use stories about children and families as a way of metaphorically dealing with larger political and social issues.

Majidi said: "I could hardly imagine how billions of people can live in a country before I came. I guessed they must feel a lot of pressure... But during my visit to Beijing, all I saw was the citizens' enthusiasm and confidence." But he said that what moved him most were the elderly people he encountered, who exercise in parks or help to keep order on the streets. "They still maintain young heart and strong passion, while people of the same age in my country stay at home," Majidi said. He will film them in his movie, together with 1,000 kids. But the script is a secret


Editor:Du Xiaodan