04-02-2008 17:08

Production of the VISION BEIJING film project ended on February 23, 2008, with a closing press conference held at the Beijing Olympic Media Centre.

The press conference was reported worldwide.
The press conference was reported worldwide.

The film product, sponsored by the Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchanges Association, the Beijing Tourism Administration and the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal Government-organized by the Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchanges Centerw-was completed after more than 600 days of planning, filming and post production work.

Three of the project''s five directors, Majid Majidi from Iran, Daryl Goodrich from Great Britain and Andrew Lau Wai-Keung from Hong Kong attended this press conference. Wang Hui, director of the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal Government, attended the news conference and introduced these five films and their broadcasting plan.

VISION BEIJING invited five world known film directors to shoot five short films telling colourful, sometimes poignant stories about life in Beijing as the city and its people earnestly prepare for the 2008 Olympic Games.

In the films, Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore said he was inspired by the "faith in the future while respecting the traditions," in Beijing as he made Reunion; Iranian director Majid Majidi''s Colours Fly focused on Majidi''s favourite subject, children, using his style to portray Beijing''s youthfulness and vigour; French director Patrice Leconte asserted "Beijing''s romance is never less than that of Paris,?as he made his Monet-style Beijing -A Film Impressionistic; British director Daryl Goodrich, famous for his successful promotional film in support of London''s bid for the 2012 Olympic Games and moved by the expectation and enthusiasm of Beijingers for the Olympic Games, focused on China''s 100-year-old Olympic dream in his Belief; while Hong Kong director Andrew Lau Wai-Keung expressed his love for Chinese food in his Colour ?Fragrance ?Taste Beijing.


Editor:Du Xiaodan