04-01-2008 15:37

Vision Beijing is a project of the Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchanges Association and the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal Government, organized by the Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchanges Center and Beijing This Month Publications, and is assisted by the Sun & Sea Culture Communication Company Limited.

The Vision Beijing Event has invited five of the world's most famous film directors to shoot

five-minute-long films about Beijing in the run up to the Beijing Olympic Games to promote ancient Beijing's image as a modern international metropolis. The final products of the project will serve as audio-video information highlighting the rich connotations of Beijing's "People's Olympics." At the same time, this event will provide the world with some insights into Beijing's history and culture, and it will provide a platform for companies to communicate with the world in various ways.

Though he declined to participate in the project, US film director Steven Spielberg, who will assist Chinese film director Zhang Yimou with the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the 2008 Olympic Games, said, "I believe this project to be very important...Although I've got my hands full, I look forward to seeing the outcome of this fantastic idea... I think it is such an interesting idea to explore Beijing's cultural transformations and emerging contemporary life leading up to the 2008 Olympic Games."


Editor:Du Xiaodan