As economic development surges ahead, C.B. Sung is now focused on ameliorating social issues in China. As one of the founders of the Committee of 100, he is devoted to encouraging better U.S.-China relations and promoting the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life. C.B. is also the Founder and Chairman of The 1990 Institute, a non-profit think-tank that has sponsored more than a decade of research, education projects and conferences to assist China’s economic and social development. The Institute has published books such as China's Economic Reform, Fiscal Policy in China, Foreign Business Law in China, China's Ongoing Agriculture Reform, etc. It has also donated funds to support China’s Spring Bud project to help girls in poverty with their tuition. In addition, the Institute aims to continue to improve cultural communications between Chinese and American children.

During the course of the interview, three books were discussed, all with a connection to C.B. Sung. The Chinese Art of Bonsai & Potted Landscapes, co-written by C.B. Sung, his wife Beulah Kwok Sung, and their friend Yinchun Shen, represents the C.B. Sung’s personal philosophy – a philosophy that has guided his entrepreneurial career. Fiscal Policy in China, published by The 1990 Institute, is a book assessing China’s financial situation and has drawn the attention of the Chinese government. In an excerpt of The Analects of Confucius lies the origin of C.B. Sung’s Chinese name “坚白”. All of these three books have played an important role in his life.

When we speak of C.B. Sung’s success, we can’t ignore the woman behind him, Beulah Kwok Sung. C.B. Sung said in the Up-Close studio, “it is a pity she did not come”, however, it did not stop C.B. from telling stories about her. How did they meet? How did they start their own business? What is her connection to the company “Unison”? What bet did C.B. place with his wife before he came on our program? Join us on Up-Close to hear all the wonderful stories about C.B. Sung.


Editor:Du Xiaodan