12-27-2006 15:57

What would our world be like without the companion of our pets? What would our world be like without the playfulness of pandas, the nobility of the elephant, and the mystery of tigers…?

Our live studio audience answered the questions above by telling their stories of pet ownership and animal interaction. Some even brought pictures of their pets!

Jill Robinson, Founder & CEO of Animals Asia Foundation, came to the Up-Close studio to share her experiences and opinion on the relationship between humans and animals. Animals Asia Foundation is focused on restoring the rights and respect of animals in the Asian region, and leads many animal protection projects throughout Asia. Through this interview and Jill Robinson's stories, you will discover how "Doctor Dogs" bring happiness to patients, orphans, and those who need caring and how "Professor Paws" uses dogs to encourage young children to learn English. Animals Asia's Bear Rescue project is AAF's most important project and includes a bear sanctuary for rescued bears. To date, they have rescued and treated over 200 Moon Bears from bear bile farming. The project has touched many Chinese, and many university students volunteer with the Bear Rescue project.

Several volunteers come to "Up-Close" studio to share what they have done to educate the general public on proper treatment for the bears. A specialist on Chinese traditional medicine also discusses herbal alternatives to bear bile.

In this edition of "Up-Close", we hope to encourage responsible pet ownership and the proper treatment of animals. Ultimately we want to emphasize that animals are friends that share the Earth with us – and as friends, they too need to be treated with respect.


Editor:Wang Ping