09-28-2006 15:05

With his first film "In the Heat of the Sun", he won best actor at the Venice International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival and Taiwan's Golden Horse Award. "The Law of Romance" won him a Golden Rooster Award and "Waiting Alone" earned him best actor at the 12th Student Film Festival Awards. He may not be the most prolific of actors, but every one of his films has been a box office winner. He is the guest of this edition of "Up-Close" — Xia Yu.

With five best actor titles at international film festivals, Xia Yu has been named one of the top 4 hottest young actors in China.

Xia was born in Qingdao, Shandong province in 1976. His parents divorced when he was three. His father was a painter, traveling from place to place. Seldom did Xia Yu stay with his father, but his father influenced him a lot. Thanks to his unfortunate family background he had an interesting childhood. When he was 15, he began to live an independent life. Xia Yu's father was once an actor, and maybe because his father wanted Xia Yu to realize father's dreams, he sent a photo of Xia Yu to the team of "In the Heat of the Sun", when they were searching for actors about ten years ago. The subsequent cooperation between Xia Yu and Jiang Wen began, and the film made Xia Yu famous around the world. Perhaps influenced by his father, Xia Yu decided to learn drawing in his thirties. Maybe one day he too will suddenly leave the circle of performing arts and lead a wandering life with an easel on his back.

Because of a hot film he watched when he was young —"Gleaming the Cube", Xia Yu became keen on skateboarding. Skateboarding remains Xia Yu's favorite hobby and not long ago he served as the mouthpiece of Extreme Sports. He would like to act in a film on skateboarding in the future. In the Up Close studio, Xia Yu joined two young skaters and showed his fans his latest skateboarding tricks. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the show and Xia Yu's fascinating stories.


Editor:Wang Ping