08-30-2006 15:45

She is no doubt China's chess queen. With her four world champion titles, she has experienced success and failure, high and low points in her life. In her words, chess is life, and this game of chess will never come to an end.

For those that don't know of her, Xie Jun startled everyone by breaking the Soviet's domination of the women's world title in 1991. An old saying goes:"It is hard to win a championship, to defend it is harder, but to regain it after failure is the hardest." This was true in Xie Jun's case. In 1996 she lost the title to Zsuzsa Polgar of Hungary, but with hard work reclaimed the title in 1999 by defeating another championship finalist, Alisa Galliamova, after Polgar refused to accept the match. In 2002, Xie Jun became the Director of Beijing Chess Institute. Two years later, she became the key player of National Team again, and won the Team Championship in the Women's Section of the 36rd Chess Olympiad.

Feeling relaxed and natural, Xie Jun came to the Up-Close studio wearing her regular clothing — no one would guess she is a celebrity. But this is just the way she is. Modest and understated, her humor and low profile was warm and welcoming Discovering that she is China’s first athlete to ever get her PhD Doctorate degree, the studio audience was eager to learn more about her personal life. Please join us on Up-Close to get closer to Xie Jun…


Editor:Wang Ping