08-01-2006 12:37

Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang was the U.S. Executive Director on the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank in Manila from 1993 to 1999. She was the first woman Executive Director appointed by the United States Government to the Board of a multilateral development bank and the first Executive Director appointed by President Clinton and confirmed by the United States Senate.

Already 79, Linda Tsao Yang is still energetic and healthy. As an independent, non-executive director on the board of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Chair of the Asian Corporate Governance Association, Linda Tsao Yang is now focused on establishing sound corporate governance in institutions across Asia.

In Sept 1993, 67-year-old Linda Tsao Yang went to Manila, Philippines to serve as US Executive Director to the ADB. She brought 11 proposals along with her. There was a joke at the ADB that Ambassador Yang would not retire until all 11 proposals were all carried out. This joke ended up becoming fact, and the year her last proposal was carried out, Ambassador Yang retired from the ADB having accomplished the work she set out to do.

Linda Tsao Yang is very proud of the Suzhou Creek rehabilitation project. Born in Shanghai, Linda has a lot of warm memories of Suzhou Creek. So when the Shanghai government started their rehabilitation project of Suzhou Creek in 1996, Linda was attracted and helped to secure a loan from ADB. In 1998, ADB provided $ 300 million dollars to help clean up Suzhou Creek. The difference in its cleanliness is tremendous. When she saw Shanghai residents enjoying the beautiful views at the bank of Suzhou Creek, Linda felt satisfied

Besides her contributions in the finance field, Linda has also helped to improve equal opportunity for women in the work place. In the Up-Close studio, the audience discussed this topic. People from various industries discussed the very important issue of gender equality in the workplace, and shared their opinions about career women. Join us on Up Close to hear what they had to say…


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