08-01-2006 16:17

While footballers from different countries are furiously competing in the 2006 Germany World Cup, "Up-Close" invited football fans from all over the world to share their stories beyond the field.

The 2006 World Cup slogan "A time to make friends"also speaks out to what the football fans'are thinking. Though many of them can't fly to Germany to enjoy the matches in the stands, they choose another way to celebrate the fun football festival: congregating in bars.

Football fans from different countries told their countries'different goals in the "Up-Close" studio. Some countries are aiming for the World Cup championship; some are satisfied just by qualifying for the World Cup; some of those countries which failed to enter 2006 World Cup still have hope in the next World Cup. Super football fans might have a superstition while watching the games because they long for a win. Fans in the "Up-Close" studio also shared some special rituals they might have during the World Cup.

Those who don't like football or are not familiar with this sport might have difficulty in understanding a football fans'passion for the World Cup. The term "Soccer widows"is mentioned frequently by media during the World Cup period. Besides complaints and quarrels, some "Soccer widows" are also trying to understand the football fans.

In many football fans'eyes, Women's World Cup is also very important. The Chinese football fans hope the Chinese Women's Soccer Team will do well in the 2007 Women's World Cup in China.

Why is football so universal? It's very easy to play. With a ball, everyone can enjoy the sport. It's also a meaningful sport demanding both a spirit of competition and teamwork.

Football fans in the "Up-Close" studio were as active as they are while watching the match. They made jokes, juggled balls, and openly expressed their thoughts. Join us to have a great time together with the passionate international football fans.

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Editor:Wang Ping