06-01-2006 18:08

They have personally experienced the life-changing event of adopting a Chinese child, and they have helped many Chinese orphans become forever embraced in loving families. Through many years of effort, our two guests have established non-profit organizations and children's homes to continue to improve the livelihood of healthy orphans as well as at-risk and special-needs orphans. Zhang Wen and Tim Baker came to the Up Close studio, showed us their love of children and let everyone know that there are many lovely children who should have an opportunity for a better life and future.

Zhang Wen has a personal passion for the older and special needs children who wait for their families. She and her husband Kevin have adopted three daughters, Ting Ting, Lan Lan and Zhen Zhen. In addition, they also have two little biological daughters. It is a big and beautiful family. Zhang Wen's older daughters said: We know what fatherly and motherly love is. Our little sisters are very cute. We are happy to help them.

Tim Baker is the President and Founder of Philip Hayden Foundation. The Philip Hayden Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, established for the purpose of helping China's orphaned and special needs children. PHF was named after Philip Hayden, an American teacher who went to China in 1991 and began volunteering his spare time and efforts to help China's orphans. Philip Hayden's love for China's orphans had a big impact on his teammates in China. Tim and his wife Pam Baker joined him in volunteering in orphanages.

As we prepared this special program, the stories of these children really touched us. We wanted to be able to provide something to the orphans especially in light of the Children's Day. So we had some special representatives present special gifts of donated toys to the guests. We hope these bring as much happiness to the orphans as they did to their owners.


Editor:Wang Ping