08-01-2006 11:26

Hong Huang is a celebrity with many roles. In the public's eyes, she is a publisher, a popular blogger, a famous film director's ex-wife, and a woman from a diplomat family. How does she like to be regarded? Hong Huang preferred to be identified by her roles as a publisher and blogger.

Hong Huang was once an investment consultant. When she began feeling bored with the job, she happened to get the opportunity to take over a fashion magazine. So the woman who had no experience in managing a magazine became a publisher. Now Hong Huang's China Interactive Media Group publishes fashion magazines like I Look, Time Out and Seventeen.

Influenced by her early years'life in New York, Hong Huang located her office and home in lofts at 798, a district where many avant-garde artists gather.

Hong Huang told an interesting story about her loft in 798. After she had just moved in, none of her friends wanted to go to her home for dinner, because it was too far away from downtown. Hong Huang could do nothing but advise her friends to move to 798 too. Nowadays, 798 has become very popular.

In contrast with other celebrities, Hong Huang is a woman who speaks her heart. Her straightforwardness gives the public a deep impression. Her friend Yi Wei attributes Hong Huang's character to reasons of reading, influence by friends, education, and financial independence. In addition, Hong Huang might have inherited her father's optimistic character.

Blogging has become very popular in China recently, and Hong Huang's blog is one of China's most popular. Participants in the studio shared their opinions of this newest phenomenon in China. Although Hong Huang's blog continues to be in the top 5 blogs on, she originally did not want to start a blog. In this edition of Up- Close, you will hear many funny stories, including how Hong Huang came to start her blog, and also learn some of Hong Huang's interesting philosophies on life.

— Written by He Jieping