08-01-2006 16:34

Following his childhood passion, our guest Liu Hao learned physics at Peking University. However, after going abroad for further study, he ended up with a J.D. from Yale's Law School. From lawyer to venture capitalist to today's CEO of an online recruitment website, Liu Hao's career path has been filled with twists and turns.

In high school, Liu Hao was a whiz kid. At that time, Albert Einstein was a strong influence amongst students who loved physics. In Liu Hao's opinion, physics is a beautiful science, which can explain everything. When he was about to graduate from high school, he asked his physics teacher for advice on the college entrance examination. He can remember that day vividly. They went to the exercise grounds where his physics teacher told him seriously, "You should not study physics."

Before we interviewed the teacher, they hadn't seen each other for almost twenty years. The teacher said, "In my opinion, Liu Hao was an approachable child who has leadership abilities. He is inherently conscientious and has a sense of righteousness, which made me feel he should engage in some kind of social career. So I advised him to do work related to people. I will keep my eye on him.I hope he will be successful and assume more responsibility."

Liu Hao ended up studying physics at Peking University, and then went abroad, to the United States to study as a PhD candidate in physics at the University of Washington. But while in the US, he decided to leave physics and ended up pursuing law at Yale University. Going from hard science to social science takes some guts. Maybe many people think it's a huge risk. But for Liu Hao it was a natural thing. And after practicing law for a couple of years at a large firm, he made the next move- venture capital.

His career has taken many twists and turns. The most recent turn was in 2003 when he went from venture capitalist to his new position, CEO of Liu Hao believes that with more and more well-educated people using the Internet to find jobs, the market means more opportunities for his company.

In these different capacities, Zhaopin is always assessing and evaluating individuals. We had a opportunity to assess Liu Hao, as well as the members of our studio audience in an entertaining and thoughtful quiz. Interested in learning more about Liu Hao's personality and character? Join us on "Up-Close" to hear the stories behind Liu Hao's successful career.