08-01-2006 16:15

Born in China, Kenneth has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland. He has lived in New Zealand since the mid 1980s and is the Founder and Director of Brandworks, a very successful advertising agency. He is also a Trustee of the Chinese Education Trust and member of Zhonghua Association, as well as a founding member of ACT's Asian Chapter.

Kenneth Wang is proud to be a New Zealander. He has great admiration for the people who carved out a living there."Their hard work saw this country's last century rise as a world leader in living standards. For years New Zealand punched well above its weight - nurturing so many talented individuals, national heroes, and world champions." To Kenneth Wang, the beautiful land of New Zealand has been a land of opportunity for him and his family.

Receiving his Masters Degree of Fine Art in graphic design from the University of Auckland, Kenneth was awarded the Best Graphic Design Award of New Zealand in 1989. He also designed the poster for the 14th Commonwealth Games in Auckland. In 1990, he established his first agency, Visual Vantage, from which BrandWorks evolved. Kenneth has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in New Zealand and overseas in the areas of marketing, brand and communications strategy.

Some people can say he was born to be in politics. His Chinese name, given by his grandfather, may have predicted his eventual involvement in politics — "Wang Xiaoxuan",The keyword being"xuan"which means election.

Kenneth was number 10 on ACT's party list at the 2002 election, and organised a petition against changes to immigration laws in December 2002. Kenneth entered Parliament when Donna Awatere Huata's seat became vacant.

To his loving wife Li Ma, and his very Kiwi children Amy and Collin,their patience,encouragement, love and support was the most important thing to him. He wants to also acknowledge his parents,other family members,his valued friends, and ACT party volunteers.

"I am proud to be an MP for all New Zealanders.The Government is building huge surpluses while commerce and industry are working night and day to pay their taxes. It's not fair and it's not sustainable."