08-01-2006 14:48

She has a beautiful figure and a graceful carriage. When she dives, her entry into the water results in nearly no spray. She is the only female athlete in the world to breakthrough 600 points. Her skills in diving have surpassed any other diver in the world, making her the undisputable Diving Queen. She is Gao Min.

At the age of 4, Gao Min learned gymnastics. A couple years later, she was discovered by a diving coach at her school's swimming pool, thus beginning a legendary diving career. In 1980, Gao Min was recruited by Sichuan's provincial diving team, and in 1985, she was nominated into the National Team. Throughout her 12 years of diving, Gao Min always smiled when she came out of the water. Her signature smile left a strong impression on her audience, her competitors, and the judges. With that smile, she conquered the diving world between 1986 and 1992. During this seven-year reign over the world springboard events, she won more than 70 gold medals, including 11 world championships.

At the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, four doctors followed Gao Min all the way. The hard training, injuries, and pressure took their toll. When she finally stepped up to accept the gold medal, she couldn't help crying. After that, she retired.

Now, Gao Min enjoys her relaxing and tranquil family life. Family is more and more becoming the focus of her everyday life. Part of her happiness is also derived from her incredible diving career.

In this time of tranquility, her heart was never satisfied. This excitement in her inner being pushed her to pour her heart out through writing. After a ten year sojourn in Canada, she finally went back to her hometown with gratification and happiness, along with her newly published book.

When an audience member asked her "Have you ever thought of changing anything in your life?" She answered decisively with a contented smile, "No, I don't want to change anything, because I am really happy!"