08-01-2006 15:06

Annie Wu started and owns 18 companies and joint ventures world-wide…and still counting….. She comes from a strong family legacy of influential and powerful businessmen….but her true passion is focused on cultural development and improvement of the more impoverished areas of China…..

She has such an extraordinary list of achievements and titles…Councilor of the World Trade Center Association, Vice President of Beijing Air Catering Company…However, she said, “business is my job, and culture is my passion.”

In 1999, she brought a delegation from Hong Kong to Tibet, including the famous Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau. Since then, she has paid close attention to the development of Tibet. In her words, “Tibet is not the Dalai Lama’s Tibet, it’s the Tibetans’ home”. She wants more and more people to visit the region, so visitors and investors will begin to care about the region’s development and bring opportunities to this remote region.

Her first trip to Tibet in 1999 was the beginning of what would become a “career” in Tibet for Annie. She got involved in many aspects, including youth education and tourism. She is a “bridge”, bringing different groups to Tibet for projects associated with financial investment and tourism. Now, she is busy promoting the cooperation between Hawaii and Tibet authorities to work together and build a five-star resort based on eco-tourism.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Up Close production team produced this special edition. Don’t miss the opportunity to join us to witness a businesswoman’s close bond with Tibet. You will be touched by the relationship between Annie Wu and Tibet, a place far away from her birthplace, Hong Kong.

--Written By Zhang Yao