08-01-2006 17:59

Yu Yu, Co-President of She drew inspiration from, a famous American online bookstore, and founded her own Chinese online bookstore together with her husband Li Guoqing in 1999.

Managing an online bookstore in China was not an easy job five years ago. Because of Chinese people’s lack of online experience, Yu Yu had to change not only customer purchasing habits but also the employees’ view. Managing an online bookstore for 5 years in China was also not an easy job. She had to face rapidly increasing competition, while keeping or growing her market share. Yu Yu has demonstrated that, in a corporate world ruled by men, she can manage as a CEO.

Yu Yu also tries her best to play the role of wife and mother. You will see in this episode of Up-Close how her husband won her heart with salty eggs, and how she acted as her husband’s interpreter at their marriage ceremony. You will also hear about her liberal attitude towards the education of her son.

Yu Yu’s attitude towards money, her early years’ endeavor in the US, and her own reading habits…Up-Close will help you learn more about Yu Yu’s philosophies in work and life.--Written By He Jieping