04-15-2008 16:51

By Marc Edwards

In October 2007 the Travelogue team was kindly invited by National Geographic’s travel publication “Trends Traveller”, to document their trip along the fabled Tea and Horse Trail, one of the highest and most perilous passages of economic and cultural exchanges in the World. We were to spend 10 days in a convoy of 21 cars (and 83 people) winding our way from Lijiang in the Yunnan Province, all the way to the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa. Normally it takes one week to film one episode of Travelogue, but here, we had to do three 30 minute episodes in 10 days.

The Team:

Ren Hua – Producer/Director / Keep the boys in check / Rest stop machine / Chief “Marc moments” executioner

Li Dongfeng – Cameraman extraordinaire / 2nd in command of snoring / Eating machine / Calm Renhua down during “Marc moments”

Yang Guang – Jack of all trades / He-Man / Snoring Machine / Sleep machine

Me – Key breaker / Microphone thrower / General nuisance / Peeing machine

Lu Rong – Driver / Microphone rescuer / “Marc moments” saviour / Dance machine