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Yueyang is located in the northeast of Hunan Province, with Mufu Mountain in the east, Dongting Lake in the west and Yangtze River in the north. Yueyang covers an area of 15,000 square kilometers and has a population of about 700,000. Being the only river port in Hunan, its is a transportation hub connecting the two major cities Wuhan, Changsha and the Tree Gorges with the eastern, southern and southwestern regions of China.

Yueyang is an ancient city with a history of over 2,500 years. It is the place where the Xiangjiang River, Dongting Lake and Yangtze River meet. Yueyang is therefore of military importance and has long regarded as the Portal of Northern Hunan.

Junshan Island is a small island on Dongting Lake in the southwest of Yueyang city. There are 36 pavilions and 48 temples on the island. Famous scenic spots on the island include the Wine Flavour Pavilion where Emperor Hanwu fetched wine; the Liu Yi Well described in the history of a love story; and the Xiangfei Clan Temple in memory of two wives of Emperor Wudi.

Between October and December, Yueyang is raining season. It will be fogy in the early morning and late afternoon. However, if you are in a good mood, go visit the Dongting island and sip a cup of silver needle tea is a very romantic and relaxing.

Junshan island was fulfilled with love stories. The Liu Yi well with the twin pavilions is just one of the long last evidence of love affairs. In Tang Dynasty, a student name Liu Yi failed a state exam. On his way home, Liu Yi met a pretty girl who was the daughter of Dongting Lake Dragon. Their love story turned out a cheerless tale since the Dragon father refused to accept him. The two lovers had to mysteriously communicate with each other through the well.

Located at the west gate of Yueyang city is the well-known Yueyang Tower. It used to be an observation station for the border controllers.

In the year of 210, Lu Su, the general of East Wu State trained the navy force on Dongting Lake and renovated the tower. In 716, the time of Tang Dynasty, an official named Zhang Shuo was exiled to Yueyang and expended the tower, Yueyang tower has had its official name since then.

To being healthy, there is nothing better than participate in some outdoor activities such as walking in the forest, or climbing a mountain. The freshness of the atmosphere after a heavy thunderstorm is a sensation. What happens is very uncomplicated. A heavy downpour has restored the natural electrical balance of the air. When we walk through it that effect our body and balance our system as well. If you know Kangfu or Taichi and could practice once your balance is there is an extra, but remember safety is always an alert in case of standing too close to the high steep rock.

Bamboos are giant, woody grasses which put out several full length, full diameter, naturally pre-finished, ready-to-use culms each year. A single bamboo clump can produce up to 15 kilometres of usable pole in its lifetime.

Bamboo is the most diverse group of plants in the grass family, and the most primitive sub-family.

It has a tropical and subtropical distribution, reaching elevations as high as 4,000 m in the Himalayas and parts of China. Bamboo is very adaptable, with some species being deciduous and others evergreen.

The taxonomy of the bamboo remains poorly understood, though the general consensus seems to be that bamboo numbers between 60 and 90 genera with 1,100 to 1,500 species.

Described as the 'wood of the poor' (India), 'friend of the people' (China) and 'brother' (Vietnam), bamboo is a wonder plant that grows over wide areas of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. Millions of people depend on this plant for their livelihood. It has become so much a part of the culture and memory of societies that the existence of a Bamboo Age has not been ruled out.

In china, the exporting of firework has been increased in a great pace in recent 10 years. Liu Yang city has been produced 80% of it. There are about 400 factories in various sizes clutter around The Liu Yang River. While we were driving into the city, I heard the city from a long distance before saw it with my eyes. Once I reached the center of town, I discovered many firework shops, exhibitions, even a designated museum.