12-29-2005 15:17

So what exactly is this Yin creature?

Name: Yin Chen

Chinese: 陈音

Birthday: 8/27


Cornell University, majoring in Economics, concentration in International Relations and East Asian Studies

Previous Work Experience:

One word—multifaceted. Babysitter, dog-walker, grocery-bagger, coffee shop worker, research assistant, and most recently lecturer at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, teaching topical discussion to many students who were at that time….(let’s keep this a secret)….. older than me!

Hosting Style?

What style? I have none. Haha.

I’m just being me. I don’t want to be your tour guide or teacher, but just a friendly companion. I know I often watch feature programming for entertainment, not to see a boring dude babble on and on. Thus, I hope the audience will find the shows I host relaxing and fun. Keep it simple, keep it real.

About Me:

Once upon a time, I was born in some hospital in Beijing, and at first sight, my parents knew that I would be a bundle of trouble…..I mean joy. As a kid, I cried too much, slept too little, and had a severe case of ants in my pants.

Luckily, hyperactivity fit well with my nomadic lifestyle. The first and biggest journey was across the ocean to the United States when I was 5 years old. I don’t consider my upbringing to be unique, because I am just among the countless number of Chinese Americans. However, the question of my identity makes me an anomaly.

Bilingualism is the culprit. Well, a strange case of bilingualism. I ACT completely Chinese when I speak Mandarin and then transform to an American the second I switch to English…different voices, mannerisms, facial expressions, and even personalities. This often confuses, even scares my Chinese-American friends. Chinese will bet that I grew up in China, while Americans swear I’m a complete ABC (American-Born Chinese). This leaves room for me only in the middle, clueless as ever.

After pulling my hair out over this question, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not so important to define myself. I am just Yin--the traveler journeying through life, picking things up here and there, and hopefully leaving a few footsteps along the way.


Editor:Chen Zhuo