12-12-2005 17:27

A 2-part tour through Northwest Sichuan (Danba, Daofu, Ganzi, Dege).

Episode one will be broadcasted on Dec. 2 and episode two will be broadcasted the Friday after that.

Northwestern Sichuan, that is (Danba, Daofu, Ganzi, Dege)… Yeeehaww!

Tucked away in the mountains of Sichuan are grazing yaks, breathtaking scenery, and spirited Tibetans. To see all of this, however, you pay a hefty price—a seemingly incessant car ride along a bumpy, bumpy, and even bumpier road. Be prepared for some serious damage to your posterior.

Surprises emerged left and right for us. Behind the scenes we battled high altitude sickness, slept under roofs without running water, lugged around a busted camera, and became all too familiar with Mother Nature’s outdoor restroom. All this to bring back the most amazing footage! What happens on our voyage into the unknown? We’ll, you’ll have to watch for yourself to see what happens.

To do on your trip:

--For the ride, pack lots of chips, crackers, and my favorite, peanut butter Oreos! (Even if not to eat, it’s still a must to bring and watch the packages balloon up due to the high altitude.)

--Candy for the adorable children

--Savor the local, delicious, 100% pure fat yogurt until your stomach hurts.

--Pray for talkative companions, like the driver who sang us songs and told hysterical jokes

--Watch a living Buddha whip out his cell phone, which is 100 times better than yours

“Everybody quiet, it’s work time.” The crew

“Stop the camera!” Cameraman Li Dongfeng on his way to the toilet

“Stop the camera!” Cameraman Li Dongfeng on his way to the toilet

“To kiss the frog or not kiss the frog? That is the question…” Yin and her Prince Charming

“I need that hat!” Director Mengmeng and a local Tibetan girl