Southwest Guangxi 鈥 Baise and Chongzuo 11-09-2005 16:17

Welcome to Travelogue! There are many kinds of travelers. Some are into adventure; some like to appreciate beautiful sceneries; some would love to meet new people, and learn about new things. Guangxi is the kind of place that can satisfy whatever needs you should have. So join with me for the next thirty minutes to explore this fantastic place!

Situated at the Southwest of China, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has long been a famous tourist destination for its unique landscape known as Karst topography. Picture tens of thousands of green hills jutting toward the sky, circled by crystal clear rivers of the color of emerald. It is not a bit exaggerating to say that traveling in Guangxi is like entering some classic Chinese paintings.

The culture of Guangxi is as rich and mesmerizing as its scenery with a large population of Zhuang minority people.

Today we鈥檒l bring you to southwest Guangxi, specifically, two relatively less traveled places called Baise and Chongzuo. Bordering Vietnam on the south, Baise and Chongzuo enjoy a warm monsoon climate, making them pleasant travel destinations in winter.

My first destination is Dashiwei Tiankeng at Leye County of Baise.

This is where I鈥檓 at right now. And to get to the best vista point of Dashiwei Tiankeng, You need to walk about 5000 steps up and down across the mountains to this spot!

Dashiwei Tiankeng is a newly-developed travel hotspot located at the northwest corner of Baise. Tiankeng, meaning 鈥渟ky pit鈥 in Chinese, refers to the large vertical-sided enclosed valley formulated over millions of years through the special geological movement.

Hey, check it out, a condor! Well, not a real one but a rock condor. See, the head, the wing, nature is really the greatest artist!

To be defined as a Tiankeng, the depth and diameter of the cave should exceed 100 meters.

two hundred covered, still 4566 to go. But you know what they say; the best view is always on the highest peak, let鈥檚 go!

Leye Tiankeng group is the largest Tiankeng group in the world, therefore also known as the world Tiankeng museum. There are 26 such vertical valleys in an area of less than 20 square kilometers.

Dashiwei Tiankeng is the largest one among the leye Tiankeng group.

It is 613 meters in depth and over 400 meters long from east to west at the mouth of the valley.

At the bottom of the Dashiwei Tiankeng lies the largest underground primeval forest in the world. But so far, only scientists were allowed to get down to the bottom in order to preserve the original ecosystem.

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