05-08-2009 10:33

Brazilian striker Adriano was officially presented by the Rio de Janeiro-based club Flamengo on Thursday, after terminating his contract with Italy's Inter Milan.

Brazilian soccer player Adriano holds up a Flamengo's jersey during a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, May 7, 2009. Adriano was officially introduced by Flamengo, saying he regained his happiness in Brazil and assuring he didn't try to trick Inter Milan into releasing him after he deserted the Italian club.(AP Photo/ Ricardo Moraes) 
Brazilian soccer player Adriano holds up a Flamengo's jersey 
during a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, May 7, 
2009. Adriano was officially introduced by Flamengo, saying he 
regained his happiness in Brazil and assuring he didn't try to 
trick Inter Milan into releasing him after he deserted the 
Italian club.(AP Photo/ Ricardo Moraes)

The 27 year old was sold to Inter Milan by Flamengo eight years ago. The brilliant striker helped Brazil win the Copa America in 2004 and the Confederations Cup the next year, but soon became disillusioned with football and life in Italy.

After a trip to Brazil for World Cup qualifiers in March, Adriano didn't return to Italy, claiming that he needed a break. In mid-April, Adriano agreed to cancel his contract with Inter and returned to Flamengo, the place he began his career.

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