Source: Xinhua

08-28-2008 09:20

Special Report:   Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

MEXICO CITY, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- Mexican Paralympics delegationsaid on Tuesday they are sure they will comeback with good results,as the ones in Athens 2004.

48hrs before traveling to Beijing, the athletes said that they will give the maximum of their efforts during the competitions to bring gold medals to Mexico and to keep among the strongest countries of the Paralympics.

Mexican delegation may not win the same amount of medals, because it was reduced the number of competitions and many athletes will not attend. In Athens 2004, Mexico Paralympic delegation won 24 medals.

The sportsmen said at the National Center of High Performance (CNAR) that they are sure they will perform a good roll, because in the delegation are included winners of Olympic medals and worldchampions, and it is expected that they keep their level and to rise the possibilities of winning medals.

Among them are swimmers Juan Ignacio Reyes (gold medals winner)and Christopher Tronco Sanchez, who is world champion with 130 medals. Sanchez said he will do his best to bring a medal to Mexico.

Other champions are Saul Mendoza, sprinter on wheel chair, who for many years has been the best of the world, and judoka Eduardo Avila Sanchez.

The Paralympic delegation is formed by 68 athletes, 60 percent of them will compete on wheel chair competitions, and they received new chairs to compete so they could be more efficient.

Sportsmen are sure that in these Paralympics they will follow the same road of those before them and that these will be the bestParalympics for Mexico.

Last week, Mexican President Felipe Calderon whished them success, and gave them the national flag at the presidential houseof Los Pinos.


Editor:Gao Jia