06-13-2008 15:06

-- Providing Internet Users with One-Stop Information Services for the Beijing Games news: “Olympic Yellow Page” (;, one of the key products under the New Media Olympic Broadcast Program, was released by Thursday. Incorporating Olympic program guide as its core content, Olympic Yellow Page also features information about sports events of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and relevant services, an Olympic database of previous Games as well as guidebooks to the seven co-host cities. By means of multilingual Olympic information services, it strives to optimize audience experience for internet users and provide them with comprehensive, one-stop travel guides to all Chinese Olympic cities including Beijing.

Olympic Yellow Page primarily comprises of the TV EPG (electronic program guide), the network TV EPG and the Olympic Event Schedule EPG (Guide to Olympic Games). Showcasing a highly integrated EPG network covering the CCTV Olympic Channel,CCTV Olympic Network TV and other related Channels of CCTV. It will also present the EPG for the English, Spanish and French Olympic Websites under The Yellow Page will become the fastest portal service provider for audiences to watch the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Also on offer at Olympic Yellow Page are tourist guide services for all of the seven Olympic cities in China. These services cover virtually all aspects of travel life, ranging from accommodation, dining out and entertainment to flight enquiries, ticket booking and public transport services, resulting in a facilitated visit to China by international tourists.


Editor:Du Xiaodan