04-25-2008 08:53

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

We head to the Wukesong Indoor Stadium, where the Good Luck Beijing 2008 Women's Basketball International Invitational Tournament is undergoing.

China lost the game 86-61, but the hosts still finished second with identical 4-1 record and the two teams will meet again in the final on Saturday.
China lost the game 86-61, but the hosts still finished second with 
identical 4-1 record and the two teams will meet again in the final 
on Saturday.

The United States snapped China's four-game winning streak on Thursday to finish atop in the preliminary round.

The first quarter witnessed several lead changes with the U.S. taking the advantage on 21-17 in the end. China lost the tempo in the third quarter which carried them throughout the tournament, scoring only 26 points in the second half when the U.S. widened the gap with time running down.