04-15-2008 10:25

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

A young girl has been named the "Smiling Angel in a Wheelchair" and the "Most Beautiful Torchbearer" after showing incredible courage in protecting the Olympic torch in Paris. Now she is trying to camera on smiles for the Beijing Olympics.

A young girl has been named the "Smiling Angel in a Wheelchair" and the "Most Beautiful Torchbearer" after showing incredible courage in protecting the Olympic torch in Paris.
A young girl has been named the "Smiling Angel in a Wheelchair" and the 
"Most Beautiful Torchbearer" after showing incredible courage in
 protecting the Olympic torch in Paris.

Jin Jing was supposed to be the third torchbearer in the Paris relay on Monday, but plans were changed because of the chaotic protests. The torch was eventually passed to her on the banks of the Seine River. Before her torch could be lit, several protestors threw themselves at Jin and her two companions, including one who is blind.

Jin Jing, torchbearer, said, "Several men tried to grab the torch away from me. It was dangerous to just hold the torch in this way, so I held the torch with both hands, bent down in my wheelchair and protected the torch with my back.I Put the torch under my leg so tightly that my leg was black and red ."

Her chin and shoulders were scratched, but she refused to surrender the torch. She said her courage also came from the support of the French public.