03-08-2008 10:53

After five months of closed-door training, China's hurdling star Liu Xiang will run his first race of the new season at the World Indoor Championships in Valencia, Spain on Saturday.

After five months of closed-door training, China's hurdling star Liu Xiang will run his first race of the new season at the World Indoor Championships in Valencia, Spain on Saturday.
After five months of closed-door training, China's hurdling
star Liu Xiang will run his first race of the new season at
the World Indoor Championships in Valencia, Spain on Saturday.

Competing against him in the 60 meters hurdles will be one of his toughest challengers, Dayron Robles. The Cuban has shown stunning form this indoor season, winning seven out of eight races.

He set a personal best of 7.33 seconds in Dusseldorf, Germany, which is also the second best in history, following Briton Colin Jackson's world record of 7.30 seconds.

Dayron Robles, World Indoor Silver-Medalist, said, "People think I'm the hottest person to win the title, but I think Liu Xiang is the one. He has won all of the titles that one athlete wants to win in his career. He is my idol. What he has done are my dreams."

The 25-year-old Liu Xiang has won almost everything in the past four years. He set the world record in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2006, and won the title for the first time in the world championships last year. His personal best in the 60 meters race is 7.42 seconds. But Liu Xiang said he would be satisfied with just a podium finish in the upcoming match.

Liu Xiang, 110M Hurdles World Champion, said, "I will be very happy if I can run into the top three, especially in the indoor competition. I don't expect to be able to get the title. But I will do my best to get a better result."


Editor:Zhang Pengfei