Zhang Jin, Coca Cola Torch Relay director, said, "Under the guidelines set by the BOCOG, we intend to locate ordinary heroes around us to be torch bearers. The theme is "Who Lights the Olympic Flame". Altogether, 1188 torch bearers will be selected by Coca Cola."

Another Olympic sponsor, Chinese PC giant Lenovo has already been enjoying an Olympic dream. The only TOP sponsor from China is the creator of the Beijing Olympics torch and will select torch bearers through China's largest TV network, CCTV.

Chen Shaopeng, Lenovo senior vice president, said, "Our torch bearer plan is comprehensive. 200 will emerge by public toll. 70 are chosen from self applicants after rounds of competitions. 19 out of the 70 winners will be promoted to be international torch bearers to run the relay outside China. "

How exciting it is going to be when one carries that flame, running under the spotlight?

This is NBA star Yao Ming, lighting up the cauldron.

This is Sang Lan, a gymnast in her wheelchair, carrying the torch.

This is renowned CCTV presenter Bai Yansong running with his right hand holding his heart.

And this is a local Beijing policeman carrying the flame on a bike.

Ren Suyong, Beijing policeman, said, "My left hand held the torch and sweated a lot because I felt excited and nervous. A scary feeling came to my mind when the torch began slipping in my hand. To swap the torch to another hand was impossible as I was riding the bike. But I held on, successfully finished the race. "

National police officer Ren Suyong went into a kind of paranoia when he was given the honor of bearing the torch to run with the Athens flame. He became so engrossed that he practiced the routine everyday by jogging around with a bottle. Ren said he and his bike felt nothing but a national pride the moment he travelled with the flame.