07-10-2007 10:32

Four of the women's football teams taking part in the finals of the Olympic trials have arrived in Shenyang. Among them are China's national team. But before getting down to business, the teams first had a bit of taste testing.

What impress the international teams the most in Shenyang are the warmth and hospitality the region is known for. Needless to say, they also love the food prepared by the chefs here.

Thailand's team leader said, "I like all the food they prepare for us here, for they know exactly how to cater to our different tastes. They make good Thai food especially."

As the Olympics is an international event, organizers are certainly keen to take into account the opinions of foreigners.

Italy's team doctor said, "As athletes and staff are going to commute between different cities during the Games, I'd hope all the cities they go to provide services of the same standards."

Meanwhile, Italy is scheduled to meet Thailand for the third spot, and China and Mexico will face off for the top prize on Tuesday night.


Editor:Liu Fang