03-29-2007 14:28

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympics

The Shunyi Rowing and Canoeing Park is one of the venues specifically built for the Beijing Olympics, and is now in its last phase of construction. On Wednesday, Beijing's Olympic organisers offered the media a progress report on the park, as well as all the other Olympic venues.

Located in the northeastern part of the city, the Shunyi Rowing and Canoeing Park is the biggest venue of them all, spanning an area of 1.62 square kilometers.

The two racing courses have been filled with water reaching the standard Olympic level. And the boat warehouse and the spectator stand are almost finished. Although more work still remains, experts are praising the results already.

Zhang Bing, chief engineer of Shunyi Olympic Park, said, "Compared with other rowing venues in the world, ours is the largest. AND the venue has been built at the least cost to the environment."

The park, which will be ready for the one-year countdown to the Beijing Olympics, will be the first to host the so-called Good Luck Beijing test events. In fact, BOCOG says all venues have to hold test events to show they're ready for the 2008 Olympics.

Wu Jingjun, director of Venue Construction, BOCOG, said, "Except for the national stadium, all the venues will be finished by the end of this year."

There are 37 venues for the Beijing Olympics, 31 of which are located in the city.


Editor:Liu Fang