12-04-2006 10:45

Special Report:   Doha 2006

Chinese Xu Yuhua took the women's 63kg judo gold medal at the 15th Asian Games on Sunday. This was the second gold medal in judo events, following another one snatched by Tong Wen onthe women's over-78 kg category snatched by Tong Wen one day ealier. Meanwhile, Chinese Qin Dongya and Liu Shu of Chinese Taipei shared the bronze medal of the women's 70kg category.

China's Xu Yuhua on Sunday won the gold medal in women's 63 kg category after defeating South Korea's Kong Ja Young.

She shrugged off the victory, setting her aim in the 2008 Olmpic Games.

She also admitted that there was a lot of room for her to improve in technique as well as other aspects.

Xu Yuhua's victory gave China the second judo gold after Tong Wen won the women's over-78 kg category on Saturday.

The bronze medal went to Japan's Tanimoto Ayumi, and Won Ok Im from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Meanwhile,Chinese Guo Lei won the bronze medal on the Men's 81kg category.

Chiese judo team have pocketed two gold medals and three bronze till now.


Editor:Lin Lin