11-11-2007 12:24

Hello! My name is Aurora Carlson. I was born in England, educated in both the French and American schooling systems, and lived most of my life in various places around the United States. I have landed at CCTV by way of a highly passionate interest for China.

This undying love for everything Chinese began when I was 16. On somewhat of a whim, I decided to spend a year as an exchange student in Beijing, attending a local Chinese High School and living with a wonderful Chinese host family. Prior to this, I really had no knowledge or connection to this faraway land, just young curiosity. After just one year, I had caught the ‘China Bug’.

Since then, my life has seemed to revolve around gaining a better understanding of the country and its people. I received a B.A. in Chinese and East Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and can speak and write Mandarin Chinese on a near-native level. Though I am fully conversant and have traveled quite extensively throughout the country, I have not grown jaded in my studies of China.