12-18-2006 11:24

Eve Bower, "Sir, how much longer until we get there?"

"About an hour."

Steve Harnsberger, "It looks beautiful! It looks beautiful!"

Geng Yue, Director General of Gaoyou Municipal Water Affairs Bureau: "The ceremony commemorating the 1931 great flood and the rebuilding of the Grand Canal dikes at Gaoyou is now open. With that, we issue here a certificate of honorary citizenship to Mr. Steve Harnsberger."

Eve Bower, "I think the exhibition's already started, and we're not there yet!"

Steve Harnsberger, "I am a Gaoyou-er. I bring you greetings from the Harnsberger family and from your longtime American friends. It feels so great to be here at last as we dedicate this 1931 flood exhibit together."

At the end of 2005, the Exhibition commemorating the great flood of 1931 and the rebuilding of the Grand Canal dikes at Gaoyou opened in China's Jiangsu Province. Despite covering a short span of events that were both uncomplicated and largely unknown outside of China, the exhibit owed its success and much of its very existence to the dedication, perseverance and love of three generations of an American Family. In this program, we will try to rediscover the touching story of how this American family is forever intertwined with the people of Gaoyou.