12-23-2005 14:32

Growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada I have to say life was a little sheltered on the vast plains of my homeland. There really wasn’t much around so with a simple upbringing in a small city I had the freedom to develop my passion, performance, without much distraction. From the ages of 4 – 20, I studied dance in the form of ballet, jazz, tap, modern and character and later went on to teaching the art form. Being involved in such a discipline was not crucial to my physical ability alone; I feel it was crucial in teaching me the ways to handle many aspects of my life such as focus and concentration, working hard towards a goal, the sense of accomplishment upon achieving that goal, and mostly freedom of expression through art. Performance is my gift and what I know best, and China has given me many new opportunities to express this love.

The truth is that as a little girl I always knew I would travel the world and end up in China. When I was 11, my interest in China surfaced and I began to search out anything Chinese I could find. This was not an easy task in the middle of wheat and farm land but I managed to fill my immediate surroundings with lanterns, paintings and red color for a sense of comfort. Upon moving to Vancouver, Canada at 19, I was exposed to much more of the Chinese culture on a daily basis and I found the family values, the medicine, the history, and the people fascinating. Coming from a small city, the power of china’s greatness intrigued me and being the brave little girl that I am, I moved here to see it all first hand. Looking back at those moments now, I realize I was destined for China all along.

The first time I arrived in Beijing from Canada was December 2001. So many changes have occurred in China since then found not only in the external buildings and new roadways, but also in the people and their development into a more modern way of life. Upon arrival in Beijing I was scouted by a modeling agent and worked for many advertisements, clothing lines and magazines, a job I continue to love and do still today. My career further lead me into acting where I completed 3 TV series and numerous commercials. Now, I am happy to be working with ‘Rediscovering China’ traveling, learning and reporting the current happenings of this rapidly growing land. I look forward to the new stories and sights we will find for our programs and hope that you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy presenting them. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via ‘Rediscovering China”.