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Suicide car bomb kills 7 outside NATO's headquarters in Kabul

2009-08-16 13:52 BJT

Special Report: Afghan presidential election |

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A suicide car bomb outside NATO's headquarters in Kabul has killed seven people and wounded nearly 100. This comes less than a week before Afghanistan's presidential election.

The bomb went off near the front gate of the building on Saturday, the beginning of the Afghan working week. It sent a plume of smoke visible around Kabul and knocked out glass windows more than 150 meters away.

The powerful blast killed seven Afghan civilians and wounded 90 more, including one UN staff member.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack and voiced his concerns about the violence before the election.

The explosion is the biggest insurgent attack in Kabul in six months. It has shaken public confidence in the network of checkpoints and armed guards that maintain security.

Abdul Ghafar Sahib Zadar, Kabul Police Chief, said, "There are problems with security. I'm always worried about it."