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Injured recovering from trauma

2009-07-10 12:34 BJT

Special Report: 7.5 Xinjiang Urumqi Riots |

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The July 5th's riot in Urumqi left more than a thousand people injured. Many of the victims are recovering in hospitals. Doctors are making strong efforts to help patients cope with the trauma.

A patient said, "The Uygur doctors are so considerate to us. I can't even find a word to fully express my thanks to them."
A patient said, "The Uygur doctors are so considerate to 
us. I can't even find a word to fully express my thanks 
to them."

Medical staff from hospitals responded immediately when the violence struck. Paramedics risked their lives to save victims of all ethnic groups.

And doctors have maintained the tradition of house calls.

Zhuang Shihua, President of Armed Police Xinjiang Contingent Hospital, said, "It's been hard for patients to see doctors. So we go to their homes during breaks or at lunch for check ups, while explaining policies on ethnic unity."