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Heat wave blasts through China

2009-06-25 13:33 BJT


A heat wave has blasted provinces across China with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Local authorities have issued warnings in response.

A heat wave has blasted provinces across China with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Local authorities have issued warnings in response.
A heat wave has blasted provinces across China with temperatures 
exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Local authorities have issued warnings 
in response.

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The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region was hit hard by the hot weather on Wednesday. The average temperature in most areas rose over 37 degrees Celsius.

The Turpan Basin, known as one of the furnaces of China, has registered an average of 40 degrees in the last two days.

"It's too hot. It feels like we are in the middle of a desert."

People in Tianjin were also wilting.

The municipality registered a record high of 39 degrees, while ultraviolet radiation reached its highest level.

A bottle of cold drink seemed to be a must for commuters trying to beat the heat. And authorities in Zhengzhou city, Henan issued the highest-level heat warning to residents through text messages.

North China's Hebei province has roasting since Sunday, which marks the middle of summer on the Chinese lunar calendar.

On Wednesday, some parts of the province reached 45 degrees Celsius.

The heat wave also hit several other provinces and regions, including Shanxi, Gansu, Jiangsu and Hubei. Some areas registered record high temperatures for the season.

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