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News Hour锛堟柊闂讳竴灏忔椂锛夋槸鑻辫棰戦亾鐨勪竴妗g患鍚堟柊闂昏妭鐩紝2005骞9鏈26鏃ュ紑鎾紝鎾嚭鏃堕棿涓烘瘡澶╀腑鍗12鐐广傚畠瀵嗗垏鍏虫敞鍥藉唴鍜屽浗闄呬富瑕佹柊闂讳簨浠讹紝涔熸敞鎰忛夌敤璐㈢粡銆佹枃鍖栥佷綋鑲茬瓑鏂归潰鐨勬柊闂伙紝淇濊瘉瀵瑰悇绫绘渶鏂版秷鎭殑鍏ㄩ潰瑕嗙洊銆傚畠鍔姏鍋氬埌鈥滈噸鐐圭獊鍑衡濓紝姣忓ぉ閫夊彇涓涓柊闂讳簨浠讹紝鎶婃渶鏂板姩鎬併佺患杩板垎鏋愩佽儗鏅粙缁嶃佷笓瀹剁偣璇勭瓑缁勫悎鍦ㄤ竴璧凤紝鍔犲己瀵归噸瑕佷簨浠剁殑娣卞叆瑙h銆傚畠鐨勭洰鏍囨槸涓鸿浼楁彁渚涗竴涓瑙掑害銆佸灞傞潰鐨勪俊鎭潵婧愬拰鎬濊冪┖闂淬

News Hour is one of the main news bulletins on CCTV International. Launched on September 26th, 2005, the one-hour program is broadcast daily at 12:00 a.m. Beijing Time, 04:00 GMT. It keeps a close watch on major news-making events within China and around the world. It also pays attention to business news, entertainment and sports, aiming to provide full coverage of all the latest. In addition, the program takes an in-depth look at one major event every day, combining the latest developments with wrap-ups, backgrounders and expert鈥檚 comments. A valuable information platform, News Hour keeps you up-to-date so that you can decide.

Editor:Wang Ping

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